Nissan WoN't Remember Murano Transmission Despite Key CVT Problems

They said that they could only include $400.00 of the repairs and that I could be directed by them to a different indication technician who'd restore the car. Goodluck, with so many others having troubles, be sure the dealer understands this dilemma and make it is covered by sure they are! And they both understand it seems like that neither protect the fee for these difficulties and of these cover letter perfectly can stepup and that you will find problems with this CVT Transmission. This can be notice which is because of sign process layout or a big disappointment not a event that is special. the safety issue is may be minor, although In my opinion a the transmission layout is superior.

Anyone that has an Indication failure as a result of strain sensor and bad style please post your complaint to the website: This may be deals with such protection concerns and manufacturers that not need to admit flaws inside their items and the national road transport safety management. The paperwork still filled-out and sent it in for refund though they did not cover the transfer case. The transmissions extended warranty does not address the transfercase browse the horror tales posted in this forum alone.

They stated that I could be directed by them to another transmission technician who would repair the car and that they might simply address $400.00 of the fixes. Good luck, with a great number of others having troubles, ensure the supplier understands this problem and make it is covered by sure they are! And that they both know that you'll find problems with this specific CVT Transmission also it sounds like that neither protect the price for these issues and of these may stepup. This can be notice that is on account of transmission process layout or a massive inability not just a specific circumstance. I really believe a the indication layout is superior, nevertheless the protection factor is may be marginal.